Center Update

Update and Help Needed

Assalamo Alaikum My Dear Brothers and Sisters;

This is to keep you updated and aware of the latest remodeling work planned in our MAS Center.

Planned Projects:
We are embarking on the following two remodeling projects in the classroom building in the MAS Center:

  • HVAC System: Installing a new Heating & Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) system (machines and duct work). Our current system is very old and had currently a failure. It is due for full-replacement. Children used to complain every winter and the portable heaters are not efficient.
  • Restrooms: Fully-remodeling the two restrooms.

Importance of these Two Remodeling Projects:
These two projects are very vital and needed for the following reasons:

  • They are the last two remodeling projects in our Classroom Building. By that, this building will be fully done and no more remodeling will be needed in it :).
  • We will be able to run three more new programs which are on our to-do-list:
    • The Pre-School (offering early Islamic education for pre-school ages),
    • The Islamic American University Satellite Campus (offering Islamic Knowledge courses),
    • The Public Computer Lab (For computer literacy training and community service).


  • HVAC System: We are about to receive an estimate.
  • Restrooms: We already received an estimate and are seeking another one, inshaaAllah.

Your Help:

  • We currently have the expected cost of ht HVAC system.
  • We are trying to collect around (~$25K) during the coming month to cover the remaining cost of the Restrooms remodeling expenses. The help of each one of you is very needed and highly appreciated. I appreciate if everyone can reach out to his/her circles and friends. I hope that everyone can commit to collect ($1,000) from his own circles. Feel free to pass this message to any potential donor. PLEASE DO YOUR BEST MAKING IT HAPPEN.
  • Please let me know of your efforts on that. Below is our “Paypal” donation link.

PayPal Donation Button
Please remember that your donation is Tax-Deductible.
Tax ID # 36-3885457

Remember: You can make your Zakat/Sadaqa/Donation to MAS
According to the Fatwa of many notable scholars, MAS is eligible to receive your Zakat and Sadaqah money. Read the quotes below;

  • “In his famous book Fiqh Az-Zakah, Sheikh Yusuf Al-Qaradawi, has thoroughly discussed this subject. His Fatwa is that in non-Muslim countries it is permissible to use Zakah funds to build the Masajid, Schools and hospitals. – See more at:”
  • Arabic Fatwa: