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MAS Banquette Remodeling

A) For full details on MAS Community Center features and facility details, please click here.
B) For full details on MAS Banquette Remodeling Plan, please click here.

  1. Address: 2011 Brownfield Rd, Urbana 61802 (View Map)
  2. Features:
    • Three-Buildings with 17,000 SF total on 2.69 Acres of Land.
    • In Urbana; [2011 Brown Field Rd. Urbana, IL 61801] 3 minutes away from the I-74, Cunningham Exit. Easily accessible to neighboring cities.
    • Operations will start during Summer 09, inshaa’ Allah.
  3. Facilities
    • Sports Building:
      • In-door full basketball court.
      • Extra rooms with good potential for “Fitness Center”, “Game Room”, “Arts & Activity Room”, etc.
    • Educational Building:
      • Ten decent-size class rooms.
      • Big Hall. Could be used as a “Conference Room” or be broken down to offer more class rooms.
      • Extra spaces for “Library & Reading Room”, “Computer Lab”.
    • Social & Entertainment Building: Multi-purpose building featuring:
      • Full kitchen,
      • Two Restrooms & shower,
      • Two separate rooms for baby sitting & nursing station,
      • Big open area for gatherings, celebrations.
    • Outdoor Facility: catering for the following activities:
      • Picnics.
      • Outdoor Soccer, Basketball, Volleyball.
    • Parking Lot: with ~50 parking spots
  4. PRICE (Purchase & Remodeling):$350K
  5. Potential/Planned Programs
    • Sports (All ages, both genders):
      • Open Gym hours (with hours dedicated for girls & women).
      • Fitness Center: including Treadmill, Elliptical, Stair Climber, Recumbent Bike, Rower, Weight Lifting, etc.
      • Offering Classes: in Aerobics & Fitness
      • Organizing Tournaments, etc.
    • Educational:
      • Quran Institute: (Recitation, Memorization &Islamic Studies for all ages).
      • Special Hafiz program for graduating “Huffaz” of the whole Quran.
      • Quranic Pre-school.
      • Specialized Islamic Shariah Classes: establishing a Campus for MAS-Islamic American University (IAU).
      • Full-Time School: “Islamic” or “Charter”.
      • Skills Building & Personal Development Programs: Ex. Computer Literacy, Language Proficiency, Leadership Skills, Management Workshops, Hand-on Training Courses (sewing, gardening, plumbing, etc.)
    • Social & Entertainment:
      • Picnics & Outings,
      • Camping,
      • Weddings, Celebrations, Gatherings & Family Occasions,
      • Movie Nights, and Community Dinners, etc.
      • Book Store for Islamic A/V/printed Material & women Islamic dresses.
      • Nursing
    • Community “Social” Services & Political Activism:
      • Food Pantry,
      • Mobilizing community especially youth bodies in community services programs (Homeless Shelters, Senior Citizens Housing, etc.)
      • Community and youth Political Mobilization:
        • Providing community especially youth bodies with Political Educational & Activism Programs.
        • Empowering and mobilizing community at times of elections (local & National)
  6. Expected benefits for the UC Community:
    • Adding a value to the community resources: Complementing the pivotal role of the Masjid (CIMIC) to share in providing Muslim individuals & families with ALL needed services.
    • Empowering the nurturing & development process of the youth body of the community (Athletic, Educational, Social & Entertainment and Citizenship & Activism)
    • Increasing the UC Muslim population by attracting more Muslims relocating TO the UC community.
    • Increasing the visibility & integration of the Muslim community in the American Society through the “Social Services” & “Political Activism” programs.