Junior Youth

Program Objectives:
  1. Raising level of Islamic Awareness (Information).
  2. Growing the sense of rooting & celebrating the Muslim Identity in the minds & hearts of the young youth.
  3. Developing the youth personal skills (intellectual, leadership, etc.)
  4. Creating a youth support group as buddies enjoying strong social and inter- personal relationships.
  5. Utilizing the youth latent energy in useful & productive projects.
  6. Rooting & empowering the sense of citizenship & volunteerism & activism.
  7. To provide the boys with an opportunity for fun and leisure within an Islamic environment.
  8. To instill basic spiritual education (tarbiyah) in the boys indirectly via interaction and directly via programmatic activities, to be complemented by the MAS Quran Institute program.
Program Contents:

A) Educational Part
B) Activities Part (Spiritual, Sports, Entertainment, Services)

A) Educational Part:
  1. Arabic Reading & Quran Recitation.
  2. Stories of Muslim Heroes (Learnt Lessons).
  3. Studying & Discussing Islamic occasions (Learnt Lessons).
B) Activities Part:
  1. Sports (tournaments, open gym, swimming, etc.)
  2. Entertainment & Fun (fishing, skating, one-day-trip, etc.)
  3. Social Gatherings (sleep-over, exchanging house visitations, etc.)
  4. Spiritual (Masjid Sleep-Over, etc.)
  5. Social & Community services (neighborhood tree plantation, food bank volunteerism, meat distribution, back-to-school backbag gifts, hospitals visits, etc.)

For more information, please contact: JuniorYouth@masurbana-champaign.org.