Social Services & Activism

Social Services & Activism Committee

The Prophet Mohammed (May the Blessings of Allah be upon him) repeatedly tells us that we are responsible for our neighbors. This is illustrated through one of his sayings “Hadith” which says: “He is not a believer who lets himself be satiated while his neighbor goes hungry”. Islam offers a blueprint to the prevention of these problems by strengthening societal walls, and defining the goals of charitable giving.

Our Vision:
  1. The civic rights of the Muslim community is earned rather than being granted, therefore, the Muslim community leaders and youth should be trained on the vital issues related to the political and civic right activism.
  2. The Muslim community will not be able to assume its noble Godly responsibility of presenting Islam to the American society until it heavily engages its resources serving the just causes of the surrounding society working for its well-being.
Our Mission:
  1. Recruiting, training and organizing volunteers (especially youth) working for the benefit of people in need in the society, regardless of their ethnicity or religion.
  2. Launching campaigns and projects supported by the Muslim community contributing to: affordable housing, fighting hunger, fighting poverty, affordable health services, disaster relief, and other social services.
  3. Building coalitions and seeking collaboration with people of conscious & other organizations working for the common good.
  4. Educating the Muslim community about the history and dynamics of the American Society.
  5. Mobilizing the community towards achieving higher level of political, civic, and societal engagement.
Areas of Action
  1. Women Development & Skills Building
  2. Hunger & Food Insecurity
  3. Youth Activism
  4. Prisoners Services
  5. Political Activism & Empowerment
  6. Coalitions Building
  1. Giveaways
  2. Interfaith Dinners
  3. Youth Services at Homeless & Women Centers
  4. “Youth-Helping-Senior” Services
  5. Ramadan Interfaith Dinner “Iftar”
  6. Ramadan Awareness Seminars
  7. Annual “Black American Heritage” Commemoration
  8. Annual MAS Social Service Award
  9. US Presidential Campaign: Community Education & Mobilization
  10. Social Justice Rallies