Quran Institute (QI)

The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said:
“The best among you are those who learn the Qur’an and teach it.” – Bukhari.

Our Vision:
  1. Quran is the main source of guidance for Muslims.
  2. Preserving the Muslim identity for the New Muslim generation is best done by strengthening and deepening their relationship with Quran and Sunnah.
  3. Reciting the Quran correctly according to Tajweed rules and memorizing it while observing the correct Arabic pronunciation are the most important means to keep the new Muslim generation well connected to the language of the Quran (Arabic).
Our Mission:

MAS Quran Institute was founded as a Non-Profit Educational Organization in 2005 in the State of Michigan to serve the Book of Allah (The Holy Quran). The MAS Urbana-Champaign Quran Institute (MASUC-QI) is one of the tens branches that spread later on allover the States to serve this noble cause.

MASUC-Quran Institute is established to well connect the Muslim community (Adults and Young Generations) with the Book of Allah “Quran” and its Language “Arabic”.

Our Objectives:
We want the children to:

  • Believe in Islam.
  • Believe in Allah in their hears and recognize that He is their Lord.
  • Be aware of their duty to Allah and to be motivated to do ‘Ibadah.
  • Have knowledge of the teaching and practices of Islam.
  • The children must know why Islam is a better way of life than everything they see around them.
  • Develop character, better manners and a respectful demeanor.
  • Be able to relate Islamic beliefs and teachings to non-Muslims in a coherent and compelling way.
  • To build and nurture the Muslim personality and help Muslims understand, practice, and live the religion of Islam.
  • To present the message of Islam to Muslims and non Muslims and to promote understanding between them.
  • To promote family values in accordance with Islamic teachings.
  • To encourage the participation of Muslims in building a virtuous and moral.
  • To promote the human values that Islam came to emphasize brotherhood, equality, justice, mercy, compassion, and peace.
  • To promote the Arabic language and the seminal teachings of Islam.
Program Features:
  • Quality Program:
    • Providing Full Personal Development “Tarbiya” program for young ages (Pre School-to-Middle School) providing them with educational, moral, sports, social & entertainment activities.
    • Delivering a comprehensive “Educational” program for the High School age (boys & girls). Other programs (sports, social, entertainment & activism) are delivered by the other specialized committees in the Chapter.
    • Qualifying MAS-QI to hold a distinguished and prominent position providing the Urbana Champaign local community with a reputable Quran services program (Recitation, Tajweed, Memorization, Understanding, and Practicing)
  • Quality Students:
    • Producing a new generation of Muslim young Youth capable of reading the Quran correctly according to the rules of Tajweed.
    • Taking advantage of the sharp memories of the young ages by adding a sizeable amount of Quran to their hearts and minds every year with a good memorization quality.
    • (Future Program) Providing special memorization track for the gifted young minds who can potentially complete the memorization of the whole Quran “Hafiz”.
  • Quality Teachers/Muhaffizeen:
    • Providing our teachers with quality and specialized training programs sharpening their teaching skills & mentoring abilities.
Program in Numbers:
  1. Covered Ages: 4 years to 17 years old.
  2. Almost 100 students (boys & girls) with a waiting list for younger ages.
  3. Average of 8 students per teacher/Muhaffiz
  4. Activity Hours:
    • Two days a week during school days.
    • Special four days a week summer program.
  • Quran Reading (Tilawa):
    • Learning to read (Letters, vowels, words, etc.)
    • Reading with Tajweed from the Quran
    • Reading Log each week
  • Quran Memorization (Different Levels)
  • Islamic Studies:
    • Seerah
    • Fiqh
    • Manners
    • Dua’s
    • Islamic Stories
Student Records:
  • Student Binder:
    • Reading log
    • Class Syllabus
    • Daily Schedule
    • Rules
    • Monthly Calendar
    • Teacher’s Contact Information
  • Teacher Binder:
    • Student Follow-Up Sheet
    • Behavior Chart
    • Student Contact Information
    • Semester Syllabus
    • Monthly Calendar
    • Incentives for students
    • Tools for teaching
Field Trips:
  • Twice a Semester
  • Examples: Chicago, Peoria, farm, museum, planetarium, circus, ice skating, bowling, movies, restaurant, party, sports facility, public library, etc.
  • Crochet
  • Ramadan crafts
  • Eid decorations
  • Sewing
  • Islamic Songs
  • Art projects
  • Offered to Teachers to improve quality. Two categories:
    • Training on how to teach children the Quran
    • Tajweed lessons for teachers to improve their reading
Future Projects:
  • Hafiz Program:
    • Quran teaching
    • Covering all ages
  • Toddler Program:
    • Full time Quran Pre-School
    • 3 – 5 years old
    • Limited opening: Maximum 15 students
MAS QI Activities:
  • After-Dhuhr Tasbih/Speeches
  • In-Class Quran Recitations
  • Morning Assemblies

For registration and more information, please send an email to: