Ramadan Baskets

Ramadan Basket

6th Annual Ramadan Basket

Your Dawah chance is here.



Asalamualaikum Dear Community,

Ramadan Mubarak! We ask Allah to make this Ramadan a blessed one full of spiritual advancements and productive days. Ameen. Since last year, we’ve began an Annual Ramadan Basket gift to our fellow Non-Muslim friends and neighbors. The time has come for this year’s annual event.

  1. What?
    1. A nicely-wrapped basket including:
      1. Chocolate
      2. A Card with a nice message about Ramadan.
      3. Information on Islam
      4. Information for local contacts for any further questions.
  2. Who?
    1. The baskets will be distributed to Non-Muslims friends and neighbors.
  3. Why?
    1. To create personal contacts and develop relationships with our fellow non-Muslims.
    2. Communicating simple information about Ramadan and Islam.
  4. When?
    1. We will be building the baskets on Saturday, May 19th from 5-7PM.
  5. Where?
    1. MAS Center (2011 Brownfield Rd. Urbana, IL 61822)

Sponsor a basket for only $10!

MAS would like to offer you a great opportunity for Dawah by sponsoring one or more baskets. Please use the form below to complete the donation.

You may choose to distribute your basket(s) on your own or to let us do it for you, instead. 

Volunteer with us!

We will be meeting at the MAS Center (2011 Brownfield Rd. Urbana, IL 61822) on Saturday, May 19th from 5-7PM

Everyone is welcome to volunteer with us. Join us for a great social environment while contributing toward a great cause.

For any questions or comments, email us at youth@masuc.org.

Previous Ramadan Baskets

Below are a few of the pictures from the past Ramadan Basket events. 

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