High School Program Registration Form

High School “Boys” Education and Activities Program

Assalamo Alaikum;
The MAS Quran Institute is very happy to announce its new Quran Institute Program for High School boys.
Program Details:
  • [10:15am-11:05am] Quran Memorization: Plans customized to suit all levels.
  • [11:10am-12:05pm] Prophet’s Biography “Seerah”: History Incidents and Lessons Learnt.
  • [12:30pm-01:25pm] Quran Recitation “Tajweed”: Catering for all levels. Special training for “Talented” reciters.
  • [01:30pm-03:00pm] Youth Discussion and Services: Discussing everyday youth challenges and organizing community service activities.
To Register: If you would like to register your high school boy, please;
  • On site: Visit MAS Center coming Saturday at 10am. (2011 Brownfield Rd, Urbana IL 61802)
  • Online:
Monthly Fee: 
  • $55 per youth.


Please fill out the registration form below. After you have completed the form, scroll down to the bottom the of the page until you find the PayPal Pay Now Button. Then proceed to pay for the course through PayPal using either your PayPal account or your Credit Card.

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