MAS 1st Annual Seerah Competition

MAS 1st Annual Seerah Competition

2014 AC – 1435 AH

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The life of Prophet Muhammad is always a source of inspiration and guidance not only for the believers but also for the whole world. It is the pleasure for MAS Urbana-Champaign to announce for its 1st Annual Seerah Championship where participants will have a great chance to learn, discuss and get lessons from the life of Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him). Participants of all ages will be competing in a very educative yet entertaining environment with a good potential for winning cash prizes. We wish everyone a blessed and beneficial competition.

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*(For 1st place teams in each level)*

Level 1 (Ages 5-7): $20/team member

Level 2 (Ages 8-10): $30/team member

Level 3 (Ages 11-14): $40/team member

Level 4 (Ages 15-17): $50/team member

Level 5 (College, Ages 18+): $75/team member





  • Fees: $10/Participant
  • Registration should be as a “team”. However, individuals who are not able to form or join a team can just register as individuals and we will assign them a team.
  • Each team consists of 3 participants of same gender.


  • Level 1 – (5-7 Yrs)
  • Level 2 – (8-10 Yrs)
  • Level 3 – (11-14 Yrs)
  • Level 4 – (15-17 Yrs)
  • Level 5 – College and up

Prizes & Awards:

  • One winning team for each level.
  • Winners will receive “cash” Prizes and all participants will receive awards.

Competition Guidelines:

  • Separate competition for each level at different times.
  • Each participant will receive a “Study Guide” free of charge.
  • Study groups for each level separately will be held before the competition to discuss the study material and take lessons for life.
  • A coordinator will be assigned and announced for each level that will be the contact person receiving and delivering information related to that level.

Important Dates:

  • Registration: starting on (1/31/2014) and ending on (2/14/2014).
  • Competition is held on Friday (3/14/2014) and finals on Saturday (3/15/2014).
  • Meetings for the Study Groups within each level will take place between (2/14 and 3/14) 2014. The coordinator of each level will communicate exact dates.